Case Study 1

Trumed LIMS needed graphic design services for their 20x20 booth.

The challenge we faced was that they did not have any branding other than their logo, so we had to get super creative on how to visually communicate their services. The criteria for the project included the following:

  • Create graphics focused on logo and colors
  • Showcase 4 Trumed LIMS services
  • Creatively display messaging
  • Design around TV obstructions
  • Make sure the messaging and graphics are impactful

The client was very particular about wanting to display as much messaging as possible within the design areas and we had to get creative to do so. Great solutions we had were designing icons, word clouds and a timeline visual, this allowed us to creatively showcase their messaging visually. The client wanted to fill as much as the printable areas as possible with their logo and messaging and we definitely accomplished it with a creative twist.

Trumed Lims 3D Rendering with Mapped Graphics

Trumed Lims 3D Rendering with Mapped Graphics

Tower 1 Graphics

Tower 2 Graphics

Tower 3 Graphics

Tower 4 Graphics

Header Graphics

Counter Graphics