Case Study 3

We reached out to Mike at Atlas and offered our graphic design services for a new Tradeshow Booth and after conversation about our capabilities, we not only helped with the graphics but with the entire production of the booth.

Requirements were as follows:

  • Easy Set Up & Breakdown
  • Print Ready Graphics that coincide with Branding
  • Add a monitor to display video loop
  • Needs to stand out in some type of way and not just be a backdrop
  • Include a front counter with storage
  • Create an overall environment showcasing the tree company
  • Quick turn-around and production
  • Stay within client budget

The biggest challenge here was to design within turn-around time and remaining within client budget. We were able to create designs and renderings by truly understanding the Atlas branding and what the clients vision was. We were able to stay within budget by understanding the cost of the structure and elements. They really wanted the graphics to pop so we accomplished that by using a contrasting design on the backwall which totally popped when we creatively implemented lighting on the backwall and makes the wall really stand out. Other challenges were on how to not make this just a standard boring backwall structure and stay within the budget. We accomplished this by adding an overhead angled accent structure that drapes down on the left and right side with a bright read color that really captures attention on the show floor. We finished this off by adding decorations that tie in to the company services such as wood stumps for seating and an artificial tree against the backwall. These elements gave the design and overall environment a unique and personal touch. We not only creatively delivered but after engaging with the client and informing him of our capabilities, We also able to produce the entire 10x10 Booth for him and have it shipped to his facility so that he can easily set up and breakdown for each of his shows.

10x10 Atlas Tradeshow Booth Rendering

10x10 Atlas Tradeshow Booth Rendering

10x10 Atlas Tradeshow Booth Rendering

10x10 Atlas Tradeshow Booth Line Drawing & Callouts

10x10 Atlas Tradeshow Booth Production

Counter Graphics

Backwall Graphics