Case Study 4

CRS reached out to us for graphic design services but the needs and goals quickly evolved after they understood our talents, knowledge and capabilities.

This exhibit was for their first show ever and we not only helped them with graphic design but also with the exhibit design, detailing, production, project management and on-site supervision. The evolved criteria for the project included the following:

  • Must break down from a 10x20 booth to a 10x10 booth so they can use for different spaces and shows
  • Booth must have depth
  • Would like backlit elements within the booth and good lighting
  • Need to include two monitors for video deck
  • Impactful graphics in line with their branding and messaging
  • Need a couple of seating areas
  • Include an ipad stand for client information acquisition
  • Must be within the budget of 15K
  • Show site supervision on the install and dismantle
  • Booth storage
  • Booth needs to be at advanced warehouse by May 1 (There was less than a month to design, produce and deliver the booth)

Thanks to our years of experience in the Tradeshow Industry, we were able to support CRS every step of the way from concept to completion and meet all of their criteria shown above. We provided support every step of the way and educated the client on processes, timelines, show rules and regulations. The graphic design on the project was on point with their branding and the biggest challenge there was deciding which message they wanted to display on the center backlit structure. We collaborated with the client and shared ideas on what we thought was clear and concise as well as made the biggest impact. Overall our creativity and good communication with the client made this process seamless and we hit all of our targets.

10x20 Design Rendering with Mapped Graphics

10x20 Line Drawing & Callouts

10x10 Design Rendering with Mapped Graphics

10x10 Line Drawing & Callouts

Backwall Structure Graphics

Counter Graphics

Happy CRS Client