Case Study 5

C2O Studios helped Grey Ridge Coffee with the Graphic Design for their Tradeshow Products which included a hopup backwall, banner stands, table cover and counter. The goal was to create graphics that highlighted the client product and services in a creative way and here were the requirements:

  • Make the logo and headline super visible and impactful
  • Be creative while still emphasizing the content
  • Create a theme to use throughout each product
  • Make sure to include contact information and social media

We were able to accomplish their desired requests by pushing the boundaries of creativity and making the most of the clients content, images and branding. I took initiative to research their business and was able to put together important content that flowed throughout each product. Overall the client was very pleased with the extent of service and creativity that I provided and we were able to finish the project quickly and effectively.

Grey Ridge Counter Graphic Design

Grey Ridge Table Cover Graphic Design

Grey Ridge Banner 2 Graphic Design

Grey Ridge Banner 1 Graphic Design

Grey Ridge Backwall Graphic Design

Grey Ridge Rendering